who is norma jean and why is she sweet?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

 I would like to introduce you to someone, this is my nanny (aka norma jean).

I love this one! 

me and nanny
Nanny is my great grandmother and we have always been very close. Growing up I spent countless weekends and school breaks at her house. There are a few things that always happened when I was at nanny's: 1.) she always made me french fries and mashed potatoes (always homemade, always the best) 2.) we always went shopping, even if it was just a run to wal-mart 3.) we always played skip-bo, sometimes late into the night. 4.) we always did something crafty. 

Nanny loves all things crafts, she loves to sew, crochet, and paint (just to name a few). It never mattered how messy it was or how much work it would be she always let me thought me her skills. She is the one who impressed on me the love of crafts. I also blame her for my obsessive behavior. She always tells me that my grandpa used to tell her "when you get into something, you go hog wild." Those of you who know me will probably agree that this sums me up. 

It is my nanny's teaching and influence that makes up a big part of who I am. She is also one of my biggest supporters/encouragers, she always wants to see what I'm working on and always loves it. Even if it is an epic fail. So when I made up my mind that I wanted to make a go at a business, I knew that it had to be named after nanny. I knew that it had to have norma jean in the name but I could not figure out how to incorporate it. Because I am a product of my nanny I don't just dabble in one area. I love photography as well as creating/making items. I knew I wanted my name to be universal, I didn't want to keep things completely separate.
 So I did what I always do when I have a photography/craft question, I call my friend Beth. Now if you don't know Beth she is one of, if not the most, talented person I know. She is an amazing photographer and it kinda makes me sick how crafty she is. She is pretty great, so of course I want her opinion on things of this matter. 
Beth and I were texting back and forth about ideas for a name and I told her I know I want Norma Jean in the name but not how. Her response was sweet, norma jean, I like it. And a name was born. So thank you Beth! So now if someone asks you about SweetNormaJean, you can tell them who she is and why she is so sweet! 
One of my favorite pictures of Nanny, making me my favorite meal, chicken strips and mashed potatoes. 

 photo sig_zps1xhugs0w.png
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  1. ahhh...sweet nanny! thank you for the kind words, friend!