Baby Deacon!

Friday, November 9, 2012

It's Friday! You know what that means... more fun photos! Today I am so excited to introduce you to a very handsome little man who already has me wrapped around his finger.

This is my nephew Deacon! He is such a good baby, very laid back and easy going.

To be totally honest I was a little lot nervous because I have very little experience  photographing newborns, and they scare me. The few times I did take newborn photos I was very intimidated and most of my shots came out very poorly. I guess Deacon knew I was nervous because he was awesome! He never cried once, not once! He let me and his momma twist and turn him all around and never fussed about it.

He also decided to stay awake the entire time we were there, which was around 3-4 hours. So no sleepy newborn photos but I'm still in love with the ones I did get. 

These are some of my favorite shots of the day because Deacon's parents might have a slight obsession with cars. So I loved that I was able to incorporate something they love with their new love.

This last shot makes me laugh because it was completely by accident that I even got it. Our session was done, we had worn him smooth out and were just hanging out enjoying each others company. Deacon started to fuss so his daddy changed his diaper. I've been told he makes a really cute "pouty face" and I wanted a picture of it for myself. I had my camera ready to go and Deacon turns over to me and makes this model type face. So one of the best shots of the day is when he was getting his diaper changed, I can take no credit for this one. 

Hope you enjoyed meeting Deacon, I know I put a lot of pictures but I believe it is an aunt's right to brag, don't you? 

Come back next week for some exciting news and hopefully a sneak peak at my family's photos. Have a great weekend! 

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