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Friday, December 14, 2012

Okay, so I have to start this post off with an apology. I have been a little non-existent lately, and I missed last photo friday. :( For that I am very sorry.

Things around the Barks' household have been pretty crazy, Christmas parties, dinners, programs is what my life is right now. Unfortunately that means my blog had to take a back seat for a few days.

But I am going to make up for it today with something special (at least to me) my own family pictures!

Did you know I do not have any family photos of all four of us? Sure I have a handful of snapshots taken with my phone, but those full of forced smiles and children looking any way but in the direction of the camera. So I decided that I would try taking our own.

I don't know if any of you have been to southeastern Oklahoma in the fall, but it is amazing. I never knew Oklahoma could be so beautiful. I knew I had to have this beautiful backdrop for our family photos.

Have you ever tried to take your own family photos? This was a first for me, and it didn't go exactly as I had planned, not that it ever does. This was the best one of the day of all four of us, and while it wasn't the perfect image that I had in my head, it is a good picture of all four of us that isn't a snapshot.

Charlee turned 3 in July and I still haven't taken her 3 year old pictures (mother of the year, right here folks). So after the "torture" of family photos were over I took Charlee for a walk and some pictures.

When did this girl get so big?

Charlee is like her momma in a lot of ways, she already has the "look" down cold, she loves music, is pretty hard headed, and she loves disney. Her favorite disney princess is Snow White, so when she asked if Snow White could come with us, how could I say no?


                                 I love this sweet girl more than I knew I ever could.

I tried to sneak in a few shots of my not so little baby Jo, she isn't as eager to pose for me as Charlee.

Man am I a sucker for those big brown eyes. 

My girls have the best daddy, and they are definitely big time daddy's girls. So when they didn't realize it, I had to capture these precious moments. 

So I have to include just two more photos mostly for my mom, because she will appreciate them more than anyone else. Go Pokes!

I hope my abundance of family photos made up for my absence last week. 

Now I've got to get back to dinner's and programs! Have a great weekend! 

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