Photo Friday!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh Friday how I look forward to you, and you never disappoint.

I have been on overdrive all week, anyone else there with me? We leave for the city in two days and I still have gifts to finish, cookies to bake, Christmas outfits to sew, and a children's Christmas program to put on. Whew, I am going to need a break after Tuesday.

I have seen all kinds of cute Christmas pictures floating around on pinterest, I'm sure you have too. I knew I wanted to take pictures of the girls in their Christmas dresses before Sunday. Every holiday I am disappointed that I never get a good photo at church, and by the time we get home all they want to do is eat and get messy. So, when I saw how easy it was to do this backdrop I just couldn't pass it up!

We had to be quick with this one, and we may have promised gummy bears and cookie making afterwards if they would just sit and smile. (nothing wrong with a little bribery here and there)
I am so pleased with the outcome, I'm a little mad at myself for not trying to do more of these. Maybe next year I'll do some Christmas mini sessions....

 My girl loves to twirl, loves it. I really love the idea of capturing who they are at the moment. 10 years from now she won't want to twirl in the living room with mommy, I'll be lucky if she wants to be in the living room with mommy. I want to have these small moments forever, because time is a dirty thief. 

I love this picture because it is simply Jo. Not because she is always crying, she is usually very laid back and easy going. But, she is also passionate, and when she wants something she wants it. Here she wanted her paci, mommy however did not. Don't worry I did not keep taking pictures while she cried, I made it better. 

Gummy bears make everything better. 

What big plans do you have for the weekend? Tonight we are off to the Christmas Train! The girls are going to flip when they see it, if you haven't been I highly recommend it! Have a great weekend, and good luck to those like me racing the clock to finish up last minute projects/gifts! 

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