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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I really like to buy things, some might say I have a problem. To that I say my love language is gifts so that makes it okay, right? I love to buy things for my girls, my man, my friends, my family, even people I don't actually know. (I credit that to my papa) It is fun to buy for others, and occasionally myself. It doesn't have to be great big expensive things, it's fun to surprise someone with a cherry coke from sonic or their favorite candy bar. It's just fun to buy.

As much as I love to buy I love even more to be able to give. We love as a family to be able to help others or give to non-profits who are making a difference. Being a one income family we aren't always able to give as much as we'd like. So when I find a company that when you buy you are also giving I'm pretty much sold. What is better than buying something you want and at the same time you are helping someone.

These are a few of my favorite places to spend money. Most if not all of you are familiar with Toms, buy a pair give a pair. Krochet Kids and NightLight are similar to that, buy their products to support women in Africa and in Thailand. Women who have no other means to support themselves or their families. I encourage you to check them out, click on the links below to learn more:

                               Krochet Kids                  NightLight

Why am I telling you about my shopping habits? For a couple of reasons: first is to encourage you to shop wisely, there are a lot of organizations that aren't just trying to make a profit. They are out to help others, try to find one you like. Second is to let you know about something new at SweetNormaJean.

As you know I am a photographer and have an Etsy shop, I do these things on the the side because I  love to do it and to help supplement our income. I feel like I have a responsibility to do more with what I have been given. God has blessed our family and he has blessed SweetNormaJean and I want to give back. 

From this point on when you shop SweetNormaJean or choose SweetNormaJean photography 10% of what you give will go to help women who have been trafficked. Let me be clear that this is 10% of everything you give, not 10% of my profit. It will be going to a non-profit that I am proud to support; The Aegis Element. 

They are and will be doing some amazing things to help women, I want to be apart  of that and I hope you do too. Come back tomorrow for a more in-depth look at who Aegis Element is and what they are doing that is going to change the world. 

For more info about shopping SNJ click on the Shop SNJ tab above, or for photo session prices email me at: Don't forget Easter Mini Sessions are coming up quick and only a few spaces are left!

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