Better Late Than Never

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Don't worry, we're still alive and well here in Wilburton, USA. So, it's been a while since I've had a post, Easter was the last post. Yikes! As many of you know sometimes life gets busy, and when that happens we have to choose what takes the backseat. In my case that was the blog, but the good news is that I'm back!

A lot has happened since March, and I plan to get you caught up on all of it.

Oh where to begin....

Would it be okay if I just picked up where I left off? If so that would be My Easter mini sessions.

This was my first time to do mini sessions, and it was so much fun. It also wore me smooth out. I did not account for photographing so many toddlers in so little time. I really believe that myfitnesspal should have an exercise input of "photographing toddlers." I definitely burned some calories that day.

So this was the first time I've had a set up of this kind. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty nervous.

 Have you ever had a project where you had a picture of what you wanted in your mind but couldn't figure out how to make that happen? Well my friends this is a common frustration of mine, I just can't seem to get things to look how I want. So that is why I was nervous about my set up, also they were in OKC so I had to bag up all my stuff and hopefully didn't leave anything behind or get there and hate what I had.

Luckily, none of these things happened. I got there and set up and fell in love, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome of these sessions.

this one might be my favorite from the whole weekend
I love photographing people. I love capturing a moment that you will love for forever. And I love it even more when I get to photograph people I love, which was the case with most of my sessions this weekend. 

I have known all of these lovelies since they were babies, how much fun it is to watch them grow. 

CG is a girl after my own heart and loves Minnie Mouse, once she had this book in her hands she was all about it.

My favorite of the cousins (my cousins)
Now, it is hard to take a bad photo of these kids. They are just so photogenic, and they all have such funny personalities. I always laugh during our sessions.

This was my first time to meet this good looking guy. I loved those beautiful eyes! (and it might of been hard not to squeeze those cheeks a few times)

He loved those eggs! He was 6 months when we took these, which is such a fun age. 

I couldn't be happier with how all these came out, I'm thinking I might need to do a fall mini session too. What do you think?  

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