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Friday, July 19, 2013

My BFF is coming up on her first anniversary with her hubby and I got the honor of taking their photos to celebrate. Nicole is the head softball coach at Hillsdale College (Go Saints!) and has also been playing softball longer than we've been friends (which is a very very long time). So what better place to have our session than the ball field?

Now, as the best friend I'm pretty protective of my dear friend, especially when it comes to boys. (she will testify to that) But I couldn't of picked a better man than Jeff, he is perfect for her. I liked Jeff from the beginning, but when they showed up to the ballpark in Oklahoma State shirts my fondness of him grew quite a bit.

You see, Nicole and I have always had a bit of a "friendly" rivalry, I've grown up loving the state's university, and she might like that other school who's name I will not mention. So seeing her in orange and black made this heart happy.

It can be a little awkward taking pictures, doing all the things the photographer tells you that sound a little ridiculous. But these guys were awesome, Jeff did all the silly things that men dislike to do, and I'm so happy he did because I love the outcome of these photos. 

This one is my absolute favorite, Nicole you are so beautiful! 

Happy 1st anniversary guys, I know it is only the first of many many more to come! Love you!!

Make sure and come back next week to see how my first joint party went and see how my girls are getting way too big.

Have a great weekend!

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