Photo Friday! & why I may never eat Chic Fli A again...

Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy Friday! This is an exciting weekend round these parts, it is fall break but it is also the weekend of the Fall Festival! We love going to Robbers Cave for the car show and for all the wonderful food! The girls love it too, probably because we always cave and pay way too much for them to get their faces painted to look like some animal or superhero. It's fun for everyone! I'm hoping to get some decent pictures to share with you next week.

Like I said it's fall break (is it okay to take a minute to share with you our mini adventure last night before we get to the photos?) and I had my very first parent teacher conference on Tuesday night. I'm not going to lie, I was excited about it, I was excited to hear about how CK was doing. CK's teacher, who we love, gave us a great report. She is doing good with her school work and gets along well with everyone. We promised her a family night out to celebrate how good she is doing in school. CK said she wanted Chic-Fli-A for dinner and then a movie afterwards, we happily obliged. Now you know we have to drive to go to a Chic-Fli-A right? Like drive for an hour and a half drive, but it was family night so no biggie, or so I thought.

Everything was going great, we had a pretty good dinner and then went to see Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2. It was a cute movie and we all enjoyed it. Then for the car ride home, Jo fell asleep pretty quick it was past her bedtime, and CK stayed up to play with her kids meal toy. We had been driving for about 30-45 minutes when she started whining about her throat hurting, grabbing her throat with her hands. I told her when we got home we would get some medicine and to just try to ignore it. She whined a bit more and then said she wanted to sleep, sounds great. About 10 minutes down the road we heard the noise that no parent ever wants to hear coming from the backseat of their car, the noise of the food that our sweet child had ate for dinner coming back to greet us.

I turn around and think that CK is just spitting up but no it is vomit and it is everywhere and it stinks, I mean really stinks. I tell the preacher that we need to pull over, but those of you that have driven from Wilburton to Ft Smith know that there isn't a lot of places on that highway to pull over. We are in the sticks here, and this highway isn't well lit up like in the city, we've got the moon and headlights from other cars, thats it. So the preacher speeds up to look for a dirt road to turn off on to, all the while CK is still vomiting more and more, I mean how much food is in a kids meal anyways?!?

He finally pulls over and while completely disgusting I was thankful that all of the puke was in her lap and not everywhere in the car. I scoop her out and start the ugly process of clean up, when I hear the words that no parent ever wants to hear while on the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere, "I gotta go potty." Now let me just say that she did not say "potty" she said "POT-TY" mom's you know what I mean. I look at the preacher with panic in my eyes and he tells her "you gotta hold it girl," I try to hurry as fast as I can to get the big chunks off of her so we can rush home.

Can I tell you that the whole time this is going on that Jo is screaming because we woke her up, and little missy does not like to be woken up. I think she gets that from her Mimi, but don't tell her I said that.

We do the damage control, get back in the car and the preacher says to me "I can't do throw up, I can handle poop but not throw up." Who knew he would soon get his wish?

We get home strip her down clean her up and she goes "POT-TY" and everything is fine. We give both the girls a little pepto just in case and they are fast asleep in no time. Whew, long night over ready for my bed and hopefully this whole ordeal had made the girls want to sleep in.

Nothing makes the girls want to sleep in, nothing expect for when they have to get up early that is. I am awoken to a very very foul stench and two cute little eyes looking up and me. Then she says those words "I peed." Do you want to know what I said? I said the four words that can make everything go away at least for a short time, "go tell your father." What I didn't know (not that it really changes how I would of responded, I mean let's be honest) was that our sweet little baby Jo had exploded in the middle of the night, and it was everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. So the preacher got the joy of cleaning up that mess.

Now its a few hours later and everyone is fine, no more tummy aches and no more bad smells. If it continues this way we plan on venturing out this afternoon, we'll have to wait and see.

Okay so long story, hopefully you were able to laugh at our burning noses. But on to Photo Friday! I am pretty excited for you to see these photos, they are of my adorable nephew.

I. Love. Those. Cheeks. 

I love my brother and sister in law's yard, they have some great props. You may remember this hood from a year ago:

There is that sweet baby boy, and here he is a year later:

He is so big, sometimes I despise how fast time goes by.

Isn't it funny how children can be so much like their parents so young? This little guy is already so much like his daddy, and not just his looks either. For those of you who don't already know both his parents are pretty big into fixing up cars, and he is right there with them. These next few are especially for Dave. 

Did I mention that Deacon was perfect during this session? No I mean it, he did everything I asked him to do and didn't fuss once. It might have been the easiest session ever. The only problem is I think he doesn't know who I am unless I have a camera in front of my face. 

Hope you enjoyed Deacon's one year photos, I loved how they turned out. Thank you for letting me tell my long and gross story, do you have a similar story? I love to hear that other parents share our pain, tell me your best puke or poop kid story (emphasis on the kid part) in the comments. Let's laugh at each other together :). 

I've got to get back to some last minute cleaning for our special guests this weekend, can't wait for them to get here!!!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

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