Makeover week continued...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

To keep the theme of the week going I want to show you what else has gotten a makeover while I was away. My etsy page has not only gotten a new look but I have added a lot of new items that I'm pretty excited about. Take a second to go check out the new look: shop sweet. 

The new shirts were inspired by my little hook, just in case you need a reminder:

 she loves hook and there aren't a lot of hook tshirts so I made one for her. After I made her a shirt my other little wanted her own shirt as well so I made a matching peter pan shirt and an idea was born. You know that I may or may not have a slight obsession with disney so these shirts were a lot of fun coming up with and making. I'm still making new character shirts so if you don't see your favorite let me know!

Okay, that's enough about my shop, how about some photos of beautiful kids? 

Last fall I had a session with my brother and sister in law and their niece and nephew, these kids were photogenic to say the least. 

See what I mean? 

This shoot was supposed to only be the kids but I may have coerced Deacon's parents into taking a few photos as well. :)

And even though she fought it I got a photo or two of my beautiful sister in law showing off my still growing niece. 
this is one of my favorite photos, love that sun coming in!

Last photo for today is of these siblings, these two knew how to work it for the camera. If you didn't know any better you would think that they actually liked each other. (don't worry as soon as I put my camera away they immediately went back to being a normal brother and sister)

Since I have taken these photos by perfectly beautiful niece has made her entrance to the world, I'll be showing her newborn photos off next week. I have never seen such long thick hair on a newborn! Can't wait to show her off!

Come back tomorrow for more makeover goodness! Until then have a happy Wednesday! 

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