Photo Friday Frozen Edition!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Unless you've been living under a rock you must know about the Frozen epidemic. Anna & Elsa have taken over many households, ours included. We took the girls to see it back in November, and we all loved it. When we got home I bought the soundtrack for the girls myself. We can't deny that we have the Frozen fever.

I've been pretty excited for it to come to dvd so we could watch it again, and when I figured out that it would come out during spring break I decided to make a whole day out of it. We had Frozen themed food, crafts, and toys, and what is a Frozen family fun day without getting to dress up like the Anna & Elsa so of course we had princess makeovers. 

We started our morning with Olaf waffles.

Then Anna and Elsa got manicures. 

 Blue with sliver "icicles" of course.

After that was craft time, we made magic wands, and princess crowns.

The girls LOVE to paint, it is by far their favorite craft activity to do. The Preacher helped them make blue sprinkled sugar cookies next, but I did not get any photos of that part, whoops. 

Next it was time for their princess makeovers, I did my best to do their hair as close to the princesses as I could. For those of you who know me well know that this is definitely not my forte, but my girls wouldn't of known any different. They loved that they looked "just like" Anna and Elsa, in fact as soon as I finished Jo's hair she said "I'm not Jo, I am Anna!".  It was pretty cute.


The princesses got tired of the "paparazzi" pretty quick, you can't tell by these photos how much they loved being dressed up.

Then for dinner we had Prince Hans favorite food, sandwiches! We ate our dinner while watching Frozen, it was a perfect end to a pretty great day! 

There you have it, a play by play of our Frozen Family Fun Day! 

Enjoy your weekend, and hopefully the nice weather!

P.S. don't forget about Easter Mini's! Spots are filling up fast!

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