Photo Friday! (lake edition)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Friday! How was your memorial day weekend? Ours was amazing, my in-laws took the girls and the preacher and I got some much needed alone time. Spending a whole 24 hours alone was so nice, it's so easy to forget what life was like before kids. By the time our 24 hours was up we were both ready for our crazy littles to be back home.

Can you believe that May is almost done? Did it go by incredibly fast for anyone else? The end of May means the beginning of June, and do you know what June means?

Church Camp.

A lot of church camp.

We love church camp, it's where I met the preacher for the first time. Have I told you how we met? If I have you can just skip over this next part. Back when we were just babies in high school our churches stayed in the same cabin for camp. The first day of camp after my senior year of high school I walked in the kitchen area and a man tells me that he wants to introduce me to my future husband. And that is exactly what he did, my father in law grabbed the preacher and introduced us. What is funny is we both had the same reaction, a bit of an eye roll and courteous smile. I mean we were 18.

And now we have a funny story and a father in law who gets to gloat about being right.

Anyways, we're excited about getting to take our girls to church camp with us. Church camp also means that I will not be at home as much so you might not hear a lot from me in June, just a heads up. :)

Do you remember a while back when I told you about getting to go to the lake with my sister and nieces? Well I am finally going to show you the photos from going to the beach and the quick mini session I had with my nieces.

We had so much fun at the beach, the weather couldn't of been nicer, and the girls had so much fun.

don't mind the cute little but hanging out of those pants

Before we ended our great time at the lake we went to breakfast at this great little restaurant right on the lake. My girls were pretty amazed at how we were in a building that was floating on the water. I took advantage of the time we had waiting on our food to snap a few quick photos of my beautiful nieces.

They are growing up entirely too fast.

One of my favorite parts of that long weekend was getting to watch our girls play together. I think they giggled the entire time we were there, so this photo is my favorite because I feel it just sums them up so well. 

This photo makes me laugh and a little scared at the same time. Jo's expression is the result of me asking her to smile. That look is one of sarcasm my friends. Which makes me laugh, but then worry about what that means as she gets older. I mean she's two, what will this be when she is 8 or even worse 13. My sister said I will have a lot of laughing and punishing in my future.

 I don't doubt either. 

What photo session is complete without a jumping photo?

I already miss them like crazy, and we are counting down the days until we get to go back to the lake with them.

That's all for today, hope you have an amazing weekend!

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