Photo Friday Schools Out Edition!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Hello Summer! I feel a little like Olaf, it's SUMMER! This week CK had her last day of school and her pre-k promotion. She is officially a kindergardener y'all.

It's crazy the difference that is made from August to May, here is my proof:

I mean, look at this beautiful girl. Don't worry though she still has all her sass.

Can I just tell you how grateful I am for amazing teachers? 

It is not easy for a mama to send her baby to complete strangers. It was not easy for me to share my  baby girl with someone else.

 To go from spending all day every day with her, to being away from her for 8 hours every day of the week. 

 It wasn't easy.

But knowing who she was spending her time with made it easier. Knowing that her teachers loved her made it easier. Knowing that they were investing in her life made it easier.

 CK's teachers made it easier for me to send her off to school. 

For that I am grateful. 

I wanted to give them a thank you gift to show them how grateful I am. Even though I did not wait until the last minute to get these done, it was a fairly easy project. So if you haven't got your teacher gift ready yet I'm going to share with you how to do this one. 

I got these cute pots from target, and then found the Grow Learn Bloom decals in the Silhouette store.  

Grow Circles Design ID #58286 

I found some left over vinyl and after cutting them out I put them on the pots.

Easy right?

I wanted to get some gerber daisies but living in the sticks has its downfalls. Couldn't find them anywhere (by anywhere I mean the two stores that sells flowers), so I went with the flowers pictured above. 

She was pretty excited to give these to her teachers. 

Thats it for Photo Friday! 

Enjoy your weekend, enjoy your family!


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