Father's Day Outfits

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Father's Day is this weekend, I love celebrating with the Preacher because he is such an amazing daddy. I also love Father's Day because it gives me an excuse to make matching outfits :).

I'm not going to lie, I never thought I'd be one of those mom's who made their family dress alike. But I mean, look how cute they are! I really can't help it. 

I made the girls' dresses from a pattern I bought on etsy, I searched for a freebie on the internet but came up with nothing I liked. It was worth the purchase. You can find it here. The pattern was easy to follow, but the dresses were not quite as easy as I thought they would be. I think only because it was something I haven't done before. The second dress was easier than the first, and I'm confident if I made more it would get easier as I went. 

I love how lightweight the dresses are, they are cute for church but the girls can still play in them. CK said they are great for twirling. 

I originally was going to make the preacher a skinny straight tie, but upon printing off the 14  (?!?) pages of the pattern I decided to go a different route. I found this pattern over at sew like my mom, such a great blog! This pattern was so easy to follow, and I had it done in no time. 

I made the outfits for them to wear to church on Sunday, but forced asked them to try them out for a few photos. I love taking photos of the three of them, the girls adore the preacher (like their mama) and have so much fun when they are around them. He has a way of making the little things so much fun. I love capturing it.

After I made his bow tie I knew I had to make bow ties for the girls too. I am so pleased with how they turned out.

Can't wait to show them off on Sunday!  

Be sure to come back Friday for a special  Father's Day Photo Friday! 

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