There is nothing permanent except change. Big changes ahead!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Can I just tell you that there is nothing that will make you appreciate your own shower more than spending two weeks at church camp? We survived it, both weeks were just amazing.


I. Am. Tired.

While we were are camp God did something completely out of the blue and shocked our family. It's kind of been a whirlwind since then, and I'm excited to fill you all in on the happenings. But I'm even more excited to tell you that today I have a guest post, from the preacher! When we were talking about this post and how I was going to tell everyone our news he offered to do a post for me, of course I can't turn that down!

Without further ado:

Growing Pains
Throughout life we all experience growing pains. They come when we grow mentally. For example, when I was young I learned the hard way not to carry two bags of groceries up concrete stairs when you can't see over them. One trip, one face plant, and one set of teeth through the bottom lip later, I learned my lesson. Pains come when you grow physically as well. After three years of marriage and the birth of Charlee, it was painful to look in the mirror and see how wide I had grown. I have learned over time that spiritual growth will often have the same symptoms: fear, pain, sadness, joy and maturity. I am guest writing this week because our family is experiencing all of these. We are moving. We are changing ministries. We are nervous (at least I am). We are excited. We are sad. Most importantly, we are taking risks and following God's direction.

Who is "Will" and how do you know him?
The HARDEST thing to understand, figure out, and explain is the will of God. During the years of our ministry we have endeavored to explain this to people of all ages and spiritual maturity. How do you explain a feeling, yearning, or draw that comes from someone impossible to fully understand? I have learned, through my own experiences, what some common characteristics of God's will are. (Disclaimer: these were present in OUR life changes, it doesn't mean it is true for everyone.)
   1) Usually God's will has required us to take a risk. When we moved from Sunnylane in Del City to First FWB in Wilburton, we took a large pay cut, left the security of our families, and went to a town without a Taco Bell or Braum's (That really hurt).
   2) God's will has usually been what we said we will never do. While in college I said I would never leave youth ministry. I would be that awkward, hippy-like dude wearing khaki shorts and sketchers. Eight years later, surprise, surprise, God moved us out of our comfort zone. If any of you know Lindse, you know she is far (I mean FAR) from a country girl. When we were first married she said, and I quote, "I could never be at a country church." It must be God's sense of humor.
   3) God's will has always worked out for the best. Since being in Wilburton, I have realized how prideful I was and how little I know. It has been a reality check. Over the last two years, our whole family has grown greatly. I have learned more than I have taught. I will always be thankful for the lessons I have learned from both the good and the bad times here.
   4) God's will always blows our mind. His grace and benevolence remains constant. He always gives us more than we deserve and surprises us at each turn in life.

Free for the taking
God is the greatest gift giver. His greatest gift came in his son. Salvation through sacrifice and all we have to do is take it. His character stays true to this. He has gifted me with a gorgeous wife and two beautiful daughters. I did nothing to deserve them. They are God's gift to me and I have to choose to take them. I have to choose to be the father and husband I need to be. God has gifted our family with a new ministry and path in life. We have chosen to take it. Just like all of His other gifts, we did nothing to deserve it and it is better than we could have ever hoped for. We will be the family pastors at a church plant in Norman, Ok (I know it's Sooner country, but even Jesus spent time with thieves, cheats, and liars. Kidding of course, but don't worry we will still wear our orange with pride.) Lindse and I know the importance of showing God's love to our kids in every moment of their lives. Now we get to team up with parents with like-heart and show kids this love non-stop. GOD IS GOOD!

-The Preacher

How amazing is our God? I never would of put our family in this place and time, because I don't think I would of ever thought this big. We are so excited for the next chapter and what all God has in store for us! 

I have to say that I am so thankful for the relationships we've made here. People who have invested in us and helped us to grow.  While our time here was brief we will take these friendships with us from now on. This is us on our first Sunday here: 

Hard to believe this was two years ago. 

Now that you are in the know, we've got to get back to packing! It might be a week or two before you hear from me again, but don't worry I will be back!

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  1. Lindsay and Daniel I have leaned over my numerous years when God closes one door he always opens another door and the journey is always awesome. My prayers are always with your family.