Well Hello Stranger

Monday, August 31, 2015

  Have we met before? Hopefully we haven't completely forgotten each other but, it has been quite some time. So maybe we should reintroduce ourselves?

I'm the blogger that has forgotten how to blog, for a year. You read that right, it's been a whole year since I have even opened this page up.

I feel like an apology is in order, I just sort of stopped with no warning. So I guess I want to give you warning that I have been planning a come back.  I am fully prepared to explain to you my lengthy  absence, but not today. Today is just an appetizer to the main course.

I want you to know to be on the look out for lots of new things, here on the blog, on Facebook, and in the shop. But lets take things slow, because we are just now getting reacquainted after all. I look forward to us getting to know each other again, because so much can change in just a year.

I hope you'll come back tomorrow, I'll try picking up where I left off.

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