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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Can I just start off today by saying thank you? I was very hesitant to publish my last post, it was very personal and transparent. So thank you to everyone for the encouragement. 

Today I want to briefly let you know where Sweet Norma Jean is heading, and why. When I told the preacher that I wanted to start blogging again he challenged me with a why? Now before you think he was being rude it was more of "find your purpose for writing" why. 

Honestly I didn't have an answer. 

Why was I blogging?

What did I want to accomplish?

 I had to figure these things out before I started again. 

I started thinking about why I read the blogs I did, what about them made me come back? There are several different blogs that I keep going back to, some craft blogs, some mommy blogs, photography blogs, and some spiritual blogs. There were two common denominators in all of them. The first was that all the authors were relatable. All of them are real men and women doing real things. This might sound trite, but being able to relate on a real level is important to me. It helps me to really hear what they are saying, whether it is on a deep spiritual level or teaching me a new sewing technique. The second thing I found was they are all encouraging. I don't want to leave a page feeling defeated, or with a feeling of "I'll never be able to do that".  How could I incorporate these things?

 I had a harsh reality lately. I've always thought of myself as an optimist, a glass half full kind of person, that is until I came across an article on Yahoo. I am kinda the worst at click bate. You know what I'm talking about, it has the catchy line that draws you in like "How I Became A Millionaire Sitting On My Couch!" or "I"m a Pastor and I'm Getting a Divorce". Then they end up being the pastor is "divorcing his phone" I always end up rolling my eyes, always. But that doesn't change the fact that I still click on it, what if this is the one time that the headline is true and it is a crazy story??? I'm weak, I know. Anyways, the title of the article was "The One Thing All Wealthy People Do" so of course I wanted to know what this one thing was. Did you read this too? The one thing (according to Yahoo) that all wealthy people have in common is that they don't complain. The author said that all wealthy people don't get sucked into complain about their situation, but instead find a way to make it better. 

My initial reaction was "well that's me, I am an optimist" but then over the next few days I found myself complaining, a lot. Each time I caught myself I realized every single thing I was complaining about didn't have to be complained about. I began to look at the different situations in a different light. Instead of complaining about this how could I improve this? How can I make this better? How was my negative attitude effecting my family? Wow negativity is contagious.

So now I am really trying to focus on the positive. Let's be real honest with ourselves, even in our darkest hours there are things to be thankful for. Even in the bleakest of situations there is good. 


 Because God is good. 

I'm really working on myself, I really want to be more like Christ and less like Lindse. I want to have a positive impact on my family and my friends, not a negative one. I want my girls to learn how to be a positive impact, and that isn't going to happen unless I model it for them. 

That being said, this is the new purpose of this blog. To focus on the "sweet" things in our lives. To search for them in good times and in bad. I hope that by reading this blog you walk away encouraged, whether by a photograph, or a craft tutorial, or by learning by mistakes (there will be a lot of them). 

Now that I know what my "why" is I feel like I've been refreshed. I remembered that I'm not doing what I'm doing to make money, I do the things I love because they are my sweet. Photographing is my sweet, capturing that real smile from your toddler is my sweet. Making handmade gifts is my sweet. I love creating something that you will love, whether is is a crocheted hat, a Christmas shirt, or a hulk mask. I'm not doing these things so I can strike it rich, I am doing because they are my sweet in life. Changing my perspective has taken a load of pressure off my back. My definition of success has changed. Before I had given myself this idea that I had to have so many photography sessions to be successful, or had to have so many sold items from my ETSY shop to have success. Now I see the joy in each item I make, and every session I have. So no matter if I sale 1 or 100 items I'm finding my sweet, and that brings me joy. 

I can't wait for you to see all the new things that will be coming your way soon! I have some new blog series that have been years in the making! If you don't already be sure to "like" Sweet Norma Jean on Facebook to stayed updated on all things new. Come back Friday for the return of Photo Friday, and for more previews of what is to come! I am so excited for you to see what I've been working on!!

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