ABC's of the 90's: Letter A

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I can not even being to tell you how excited I am about this new series starting today. About 2 and 1/2 years ago while up late binge watching Netflix the Preacher and I had a "genius" idea. CK had started pre-k that year and was learning her letters one week at a time, so each week they worked on a new letter. I really don't remember what the conversation started out with but it ended with "how awesome would it be to do abc's of the 90's?!?!" Then we laughed, a lot. Then the Preacher got out a sheet of paper and we started writing out the different letters and what amazing thing from the 90's that we could match up with each letter. Then we laughed some more, we thought it was hilarious. Then, somebody said "how great would it be if we made these into shirts for CK to wear to school???" We thought the was the best idea ever. But life got in the way and it never happened, but that is the great thing about having more than one kid. Things you mess up with the first one you can fix with the next one! 

For the next 25 weeks we are going to learn our ABC's 90's style. 

I. Can't. Wait. 

Today we start at the beginning, the letter A. Deciding what to pick for each letter was not easy, I mean there are so many great things that happened in that 10 year span. Something happened when I was in the 7th grade that changed life as I knew it, I would never be the same, and that is why 

A is for: 

Who couldn't wait to hear those magic words after waiting 12 minutes to log on "You've Got Mail". Don't forget the all important decision of what your screen name and email address would be, it doesn't matter that we would go on to use that very email address when sending out our applications to college (ahem hiphopbaby). I have two younger siblings and you better believe we had to have a timer to share the internet, and it was a mad dash to see who could get to the computer first. 

Kids now will never know this struggle.

I met the Preacher the summer after my senior year at church camp, back then we didn't have unlimited texting or free long distance calling. Sure we had cell phones but then it was mainly so our moms could call us whenever they wanted and pretty much nothing else. So how did we keep in touch living 2 hours (might as well be a million miles) apart? That's right AIM. 


That's right me and BuffIndo85 had many a late night messaging back and forth about absolutely nothing. And I may or may not of sat around for too long waiting to see if he would "happen" to get online a few nights. 


So of course it was almost impossible to explain to Jo what exactly she was wearing, but that is kind of the fun of it right?

Thankfully we are still in the stage where they love almost anything I make for them and will wear it without needing explanation. I know this time is short so I plan on taking advantage of it. 

At the end of each post I am going to list some honorable mentions, because some are definitely worth listing.

AsIf- One of the best catch phrase from one of the most iconic films from this decade.

All That (plus a bag of chips) - This one is two fold, first its another great phrase that I'm sure I said way too many times as a kid, second it was our kid version of SNL. I didn't know anybody who didn't love watching All That on SNICK. We all had a crush on Josh and thought Lori Beth was hilarious. 

Now I want to hear from you, what classic A words from the 90's did I miss? Also I really need to hear more amazing screen names, I know you all had them. Let me know in the comments below, lets see who had the best. 

Last thing before I end today's post, Sweet Norma Jean is now on Instagram! It's real easy to follow, just click on the IG button on the right. :) 

I hope our blast from the past made your hump day a little bit better, see you back here on Friday! 

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  1. This was great! Dumb aim name here: koalabearhug91...really? lol