ABC's of the 90's: Letter B

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It turns out that I am not the only 90's kid around here, thanks everyone for all the love last week. I was telling the Preacher that I always  second guess my posts after I post them, I mean I think I'm pretty funny. I often laugh at myself, it's true. But last week several of you confirmed what the Preacher disputes (he claims I'm not all that funny, whatever), so thank you to the ones who proved him wrong and me right. 

This week is letter B! 

Does anyone have any guesses?

I feel like this one has to be pretty obvious, right? The letter B of the 90's if for: 

Beanie Babies!

Let's be honest here, who didn't have or want a beanie baby in the 90's???

I remember having a parent that thought beanie babies were dumb and I only had the little bitty ones you got in a McDonalds happy meal. We all know that was not the same. 

This is one of those things that we will look back and probably shake our heads. I understand that fads are fads and usually absurd. But how in the world did we convince ourselves that there would be money in these stuffed animals? Especially since if anything happened to that tag it was worthless.

Like it or not beanie babies were a staple in the 90's, that is why it was chosen for this week's letter. Now I just have to hide their existence to my girls because they will definitely want them, all of them. 

Sadly I don't have any honorable mentions today, I guess nothing comes close to the phenomenon that was beanie babies. Can you think of a good B? Or even better how many beanie babies did you have and do you remember their names? The official Ty names not what you may of called them...

Let me know in the comments! Hope you enjoyed the flashback or lesson in history depending on how old you are. Come back Friday for Photo Friday!  

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