Photo Friday! The Great State Fair Of Oklahoma!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Please tell me that when you read the title of todays blog post you sang the old jingle. Because I totally did as I typed it out. I am writing this much later than I had planned on, you guys know how this whole "life" thing gets in the way sometimes right?

Who went to the fair when it was in town? For those of you who don't live in the GREAT state of Oklahoma the fair is kind of a big deal. I mean where else can you get deep fried anything, ride death trap rides, spend $50 for a 4ft banana, all while taking in the best people watching in the state, maybe even the nation. This was actually the girls first time to go to the fair. The Preacher and I were really excited to surprise them. When we pulled into the parking lot I thought their little eyes were going to pop out of their little heads.

I'm going to be honest I was really excited to take my camera and really explore and take all these amazing fair photos. But, it didn't happen, I have a really good reason though. The girls were so stinking excited, everything they saw was new to them. So instead of photographing all these details I got caught up in just watching and enjoying them. Don't worry though, I still have photos for you today. 

Before you judge me for letting our kids on these rides (mom) please just look at those faces. They loved it. 

 The Preacher had this fantastic idea that the four of us should ride one ride together, awesome right? Who doesn't like family time??? I agreed, good times. We saw a mild version of the teacup ride and decided this would be a good one for us. Let me use insert a sidebar here: I have HORRIBLE motion sickness, it's bad guys. Why in the world did I think this was a good idea? We got in the little cup looking thing the ride attendant looked at us and smiled real big and then gave us a huge push, the ride hadn't even started yet and I am ready to hurl all the delicious fair food consumed that day. Thankfully the Preacher has amazing strength and was able to slow us down while I did everything I could to not blow chunks on my kids. 

Everyone else loved it, except for how slow it had to go. After we got off Charlee and the Preacher were walking behind me and she asked "can we ride it again without mommy?" Ouch. 

To answer your question, yes she wore her glasses all day. What do you expect she can't see without them?!? She did take them off for a moment but only so she could get a unicorn painted on her face. Priorities y'all.

Guys, these are real smiles, they love getting their faces painted. 

My favorite part of the day was telling them after we ate "dinner" that the day was far from over and next was Disney on Ice. Now, they had no idea what that actually meant, they've never been to a Disney on Ice, but they were still excited. Or maybe it was me that was excited, either way it was exciting. 

I can't even, they are just so cute. I know I'm biased and frankly I don't care. It just doesn't get sweeter than this. 

I did take pictures of the actually show, however they are not great quality. I more so took them so when I make a book of our amazing day the girls can see all the princesses we saw there, so this concludes our Photo Friday! 

Thanks for visiting today, I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! 

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