Photo Friday with the D family

Friday, November 20, 2015

Happy Friday! I'm pretty excited to share with you a session I did a few weeks back of one of my bestie and her family. I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to be given the privilege of capturing a family grow. I've been taking This family's photos since the birth of each baby.

It's hard to believe that the last time we took family photos they were only a family of three. Time passes so quickly! As always they were pretty much perfect models for me. The little ones have needed a little training but I'd say over time they have gotten the hang of it. Wouldn't you?

My goal in photography isn't always to capture the perfect pose or smile. I want to capture personalities, who the person is. I love this next picture, even though it might be a little silly, because I feel like it shows them as a couple. Shows the goofy and the love that they share together. I fully believe that laughing with each other is so good for a marriage. 

If you can't tell I'm pretty smitten with these guys. 

Thanks for coming by today, I know I've been a little absent lately. I have to be honest I've been pretty busy with getting ready for the holidays, as I'm sure everyone else will be too. I ask for you to stick with me, I might be a little scarce the upcoming weeks but I am working hard to get things ready for the new year. The ABC's of the 90's will be on hold until the new year but only so I can go full force with it. I can't wait for you to see all the new things I've been working up! Thanks for be faithful fans of Sweet Norma Jean, you guys are the best! 

Have a Sweet weekend! 

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