The Time's They Are A Changin'

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oh my has it been a long day. I meant to have this post done and up by this morning but the world had other plans. I am going to need a long foot soak and maybe rub if I can coax the preacher into it.  :)

Growing up I used to get annoyed when people would talk about how fast time goes by. Especially before I turned 18, nothing felt fast about time. It felt like I would never turn 16. Once I did turn 16 and got my license it felt like I would never graduate, and etc etc etc. I think you don't really grasp the concept of how fast time really is (at least I didn't) until you have kids. Nobody can prepare you for how fast it goes by, and then you do anything you can to make it slow down even just a little bit. But you can't, it just keeps going faster and faster.

This isn't a new concept, I know that, but photos that I took last month of my girls just shoved this reality into my face again. So I thought even though my girls didn't necessarily get a makeover, they sure have grown so much in the last year. Here's my proof:

Just look at those sweet babies, and that hair oh my goodness. I took these photos last year for Valentine's Day.

And now let me show you our Valentine photos we took last month:

They just look so big, so old, my "babies" aren't babies anymore. 

Last year I had to add some of the photos that were, well just funny. Even though at the time that I was taking them I wasn't laughing. Since then I have learned to lighten up and roll with the punches, I've learn to embrace my goofy family and laugh with them. So I couldn't leave out the silly ones, because let's be honest every session with these girls there are silly ones :).

Can I just tell you that it requires patience to get a real smile? The photos above prove that, these photos show what my girls think of "real" smiles.

"kissy" faces, obviously  Jo does not care for making this face
Thank you for letting me whine about how quickly my girls are growing, as much as I miss those painfully cute babies, I love the ages they are at now. They are so funny, there is never a dull moment around here.

Tomorrow concludes makeover week with an all new photo friday. Be sure to come back to see what changes have taken place!

P.S.  Click here to see all of last year's V'day photos

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